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Enhancing Pet Lives with Working Dog Training Philosophy

I have been a working dog handler for over 20 years, and this informs my pet dog training. It is really important for dogs to have play and “jobs” to do at home. Dogs have lived with us for thousands of years and have evolved to work with us. Even though our pets do not need to officially work, we need to satisfy their genetic needs. I love incorporating aspects of working dog training into pet dog games. It is vital to provide this type of enrichment in addition to any obedience/polite manners training. It is great to have your dog think that training is a fun and rewarding game!


It is amazing to welcome a new puppy into your home, but it can also be daunting! Your puppy’s brain develops quickly, so building trust and confidence during this period is vital. I can help you with any issues from housetraining to loose leash walking. There are several useful cues for puppies to learn in the first year, and I have developed my training structure based in part from guide dog puppy training.


Giving a rescue dog a new chance for a great life can be really rewarding. It takes time to develop a strong relationship, but with patience and understanding you can do it! I can help you with your goals and/or any challenges that you may be having.

General Obedience

Whether it is jumping on guests, leash walking, reactivity or unwanted barking, I can work with you on teaching your dog to display calm behavior.


 Summer 2024

No classes are currently scheduled.  Check back for any potential fall or winter classes.



My dog, Lucy, is the love of my life. Lucy has a severe case of fearful aggression. She will bite when she is afraid. Niamh has been working with Lucy to help her overcome her fears. Niamh is very patient, kind, and gentle. Lucy has really opened up to Niamh’s peaceful energy. Niamh has a gift that is hard to find when working with dogs with behavioral issues. I wouldn't have been able to keep Lucy if it hadn't been for Niamh.


Niamh is a Wonderful teacher for both dogs and humans. I loved her. We saw results within minutes. Her suggestions were simple, priceless, effective, surprising, and so welcome. We are so grateful to have had her help. I would recommend her to everyone.


Niamh did a great job with our rescues. Their crazy excitability when guest came over had reached a point where we couldn’t stand it. We’d tried every thing we could think of. Niamh instituted a training procedure that worked perfectly. A problem we’d had for 4 years was solved in 1/2 hr! She then went over other behavioral solutions. The best part, she recognized the trouble our one dog had with being calm and how anxious she was. Gave me a great understanding of what our Maggie was up against. I’ll be more patient.


Niamh is fabulous to work with. She is FUN. We have a new puppy who is 10 weeks old and she knows exacty what we need to work on to be successful in the process of training the puppy to be a happy part of our family.


Niamh was amazing! She is so experienced and professional. She did an amazing job of explaining dog behavior and psychology and helping us understand the work we have ahead of us.


Neeve was great! She had my dog doing things almost immediately. She offered great advice and worked with our family parameters.

About Niamh

Helping create connections between humans and their canine companions

Niamh is a certified professional dog trainer and animal behaviorist with over 20 years of experience training dogs. She has a Masters Degree of Science in human/animal studies. She was a trainer for Fidelco Guide Dog Foundation in their Puppy Raising Department. She now works with Summit Dog Rescue and is also a relief trainer at Humane Society of Boulder Valley.


I do in home sessions and virtual sessions.
I am happy to chat to see what your needs are!

Niamh 'NEEVE' Coleman

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