Purrfect Place to Start



We are working on it and should have this site up and running Purrfectly very soon !

In the meantime poke around stuff is getting updated and posted daily!

  • Steve Loves Cats

  • Steve Loves to Make Cats out of Things

  • Steve Loves to Write

  • Steve Would Love you to Explore this Site

4 thoughts on “Purrfect Place to Start”

  1. Hi Stephen, I got here via 12 x 12–so very cool that you met Heather Alexander @ agents panel. Also wanted to say that I love the picture above with the cats.
    All the best,

  2. Hi Steve,
    I would love you to look at my manuscript. I just joined SCBWI and I need an illustrator too. Could you give it a glance and advise?
    Thanks. Love&Peace

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